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Dog Rash On Back
Dog Rash On Back

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Dog Rash On Belly

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Image Of Dog Rashes
Image Of Dog Rashes

Dog Rashes Image Small

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Bob Sevier says:

Have a ShihTzu with a skin condition that is just awful! Large scabs, chronic itching, tears large chunks of hair out. Scabs c4ack and bleed, a most awful smell. Please help!

Adriana says:

My puppy had this and it doesn't seem to go away they have him a mild dosage of steroids bc there thinking it could be allergies but it doesn't seem to go away. I'm very concerned.

alexis says:

My cocker spaniel looks like she has a rash I looked it up. I saw that it could be ringworm or a rash what do I do. There is no blood it is just very red its a circle. so I was hoping you could help me figure it out thank you.

tina parker says:

it is a rash on the stonac under the arms and behind the ears, what should i use i have tried all the ring worm, dips and baths and that did not work i dont know what to do i cant afford a vet visit at this time help please thank you tina

kim says:

What will be a good medicine for a American pit bull 8mnths old really bad skin rash hats yo see her so uncomfortable that will be over the counter

Tobin says:

My sons dog has #15, she is a pit bull. What is it and how is it treated? We have 2 smaller dogs also, they are not showing any signs.

Destene says:

My puppy has this what is this?

hbg says:

What good is a site of pictures of canine dashes if there is no name or information on the rash/allergy.. waste of time.

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